May 9, 2012


A new kid on the block focusing on customer needs keeping things simple. We are a web company, in a digital age of today we are exactly what you need to succeed. Ran buy 2 very skilled guys with a perfect mix of business and technical abilities we are a team for you. We have a range of services which is constantly growing.


Our “one of” services charged per project include e-Commerce Website Publishing and Small Business Web solutions. What this basically means is that if you want to get on World Wide Web and you don’t know where to start we are there to get you there from end to end. If you are already on the web but want more from your online presence like tart selling, we can get you there.

Managed Services

Our ongoing subscriptions ensures once you are online to stay there and stay connected. These services include Web Hosting which is basically keeping all the website information on our servers and present it to your visitors together with that we also have website monitoring and support to make sure you website stays online and is attended to promply following a problem.

We also have our main product, probably the reason we exist, an Automated Price Updater (APU) which is an e-commerce solution that automatially updates your prices according to what your other online competitors are doing.

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