May 3, 2012

Taking a step in to the word of Internet:

1. First step is buying a domain name – Think of this a your land, your address in the world of Internet. There are many extensions to choose from and we can think of these as suburbs. For example – represents all business domains with an ABN number. ¬†.com is like a top level suburb and unlike anyone can own a .com address, there is also a .net and .biz to name a few popular suburbs. You then choose your name, and this has to be unique for the suburb, so you could have a domain in .net suburb called even if exists. Once you buy your name it is yours for ever as long as you pay your maintenance fee to the registrar of the domain, think of this a council fees. If you don’t pay the fees then someone else can take the land.

2. Second step is getting a web host – Think of this as a building on your land, a shop, house or office. You can build your own if you wanted to, so use your computer at home for example but, what if your computer turns off or your internet dies. There are many problems associated with hosting your own website, and this is usually more expensive option. You can use a web host which is what most people do with a small business and then rent the space just as you would rent a store or your house or an office.

3. Third step is setting up a website – This is where you setup your little virtual world which users will access and view the information that

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